power flushing


Power flushing is required when your central heating system becomes contaminated with particles, lime scale, rust and sludge.

This can be confirmed with a simple water test, which our engineers obtain by taking a water sample from the heating system and checking for contamination. 

Other signs to look for are overheating, noisy boilers, system blockages and cold spots on radiators.

A clean system will increase efficiency and longevity of the boiler dramatically.


When we power flush your system we use a strong chemical cleaner.  Once the chemicals have been introduced to your system, all radiators are isolated and then individually (one at a time) cleared of contaminate via direct flow from the flushing machine.

When we are satisfied that the system is clean an inhibitor chemical is introduced, to prevent any future build up of dirt or corrosion.

Times may vary but a good power flush can take up to a day to complete depending on the amount of radiators involved or system volume.


Power Flush and Chemicals.                                  £280

Power Flush, Chemicals and Magnetic Filter.      £380